About us

We believe that experiencing the outdoors and getting regular exercise and recreation are the key to a happy and fulfilled life. This should be true for everyone regardless of age or physical condition. And this is why we have placed this value at the core of our business - a happy life is a life on the move and hence our motto:


Peter’s story:

We all long for a happy, fulfilling and contented life. We are looking for guaranteed manuals and proven recipes on how to achieve this. I believe that the key is to actively spend time in the company of our loved ones. The combination of motion and building of quality interpersonal relationships positively affects both our physical health and our mental well-being.

I personally get convinced of the truth of this statement every day. I and my whole family have been involved in physical activity and outdoor sports for many years. They have become an integral and completely natural part of our lives. It is not just the movement itself but also our mutual closeness that bring us the joy. The moments when we fully enjoy the time spent together sharing common experiences, not just side by side or through social networks but in the real world, here and now - all of this makes us happier and brings harmony and well-being into our lives.

I wished everyone could lead such a happy an active life - regardless of age, physical condition or physical disability, while at the same time feeling comfortable and safe. That is why I was looking for a product that would meet all these attributes. The result of my search has been the iXROVER multifunctional stroller that fully honors its motto: born to move. Thanks to its unique features, it will certainly become a reliable and indispensable companion of yours while travelling. It will enable you to set out for a journey with your recently born offspring or with your grandparents, who have already given up physical activities due to health problems. iXROVER will allow you to strengthen your family relationships, will pull you out of solitude, will expand your mobility and will allow you to (re)discover all the beauties of life. So don't be afraid to open up to new experiences!

Peter Kral
Managing Partner

Manufacture facts:

  • 70% of components made, assembled or produced in the European Union
  • 50% of local components produced by the manufacturer and 50% by local suppliers
  • Final assembly by the exclusive manufacturer 100%
  • 30% of components imported from Taiwan, Europe, and Japan (among other countries)
  • 80% of imported components are custom made, OEM production under control and supervised by the manufacturer
  • Potential / planned production and import capacity for 2020 and later will be up to 300 pcs/year
  • If needed the exclusive importer is able to increase the delivery of strollers to 400 pcs/year within 4-6 months

We are exclusive importer to Florida:

  • The office is located in downtown Sarasota, Florida, USA
  • Storage in Sarasota, Florida, USA
  • E-shop and website: www.ixroverfl.com
  • All major credit cards accepted for payment
  • All replacement parts are sourced directly from the original manufacturer
  • Service and repairs are covered by warranty for a period of two years
  • Delivery time in Florida from 2 to 90 days
  • Contracted main carrier by FedEx, UPS and United States Postal Service (USPS)