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Get the unique iXROVER Model M stroller now in a value pack with bike Hallifax II as a gift! Get the most of the versatile combination of a bike and a stroller.

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Pleasant padding of the Model M stroller satisfies even the most demanding clients with different needs. You can easily adjust the angle of the seat - seating to lying position. The stroller is equipped with anatomic fixation inserts with variable wedge modules, drum brakes with parking lock and many other features for all year-round use in diverse conditions and terrains.

Combine the ALL IN ONE iXROVER Model M stroller now with bike Sundance Hallifax II in the limited time value pack. Get the fully equiped bike with recomended retail price 650 USD for just the price of a stroller.

Bicycle Sundance Halifax II is fully equipped bike with comfortable upright sitting. Lighting with dynamo in the front hub, fenders, stand and carrier with preparation for bicycle bags. The Halifax II model has a sprung fork, has 3x8 gears from Shimano and a classic rim brake (V-brake).

iXROVER Model M stroller features

  • Special reinforced aluminium construction
  • Head, side and central supports
  • Adjustable handlebar and seat
  • Extremely light weight
  • Comfortable and ergonomic seating position
  • Total width of stroller – 30 inches
  • Easy operation – no strength necessary
  • The best driving qualities in its class on all terrains

Sundance Hallifax II bike features

  • Durable alloy frame
  • Wheel: 28" Wheels for ease of movement
  • Quality Gears: 3x8 Acera
  • Frame sizes: 19.5/21.5/23 in
  • Weight: 36.4 lb
  • Avaliable in elegant combination of black and grey colors

iXROVER Model M stroller technical specifications

  • Weight (basic equipment): 28.4 lb
  • Carrying capacity: 176 lb
  • Adjustable seat: yes
  • Lenght: 4 ft 6 in
  • Width: 2 ft 2 in
  • Height: 2 ft 7 in
  • Total height: 3 ft 9 in
  • Total width: 2 ft 6 in
  • Body height: 5 ft
  • Spokeguard on request iXROVER REAR

    upon request

    Delivery: 90 days

    The spokeguards are used to prevent hand injury. They could be used both for spoke and felly wheels. Made from high resistence polycarbonate. Attach to wheels using tightening straps or screws. The wheel covers are delivered with customised print…



  • Transporting packaging for whole stroller

    in stock

    Delivery: Dispatch: 30 days

    Very durable and reinforced bag for the entire stroller/buggy and accessories. You can fit everything in one spot, allowing you to carry the stroller/buggy, transport it or just keep it in a garage for a few days. The bag is fitted with straps,…



  • Beach set iXROVER

    upon request

    Delivery: 30 days

    2x rear ballon 20“ wheel with QR axle + 1x front ballon 12“ wheel with stainless steel fork



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  • Ray Janssen

    • 1) Stability / Durability / Safety - product is very solid and I expect it to last decades
    • 2) Flexibility - recently went on family trip - used xrover for bike rides, walks on beach, and shopping - each with different configuration
    • 3) Storage - lots of pockets to store other items reducing need for separate backpack
    • 1) Transportation - much harder to transport away from home than collapsible alternatives (we have a medium and the length was just short and narrow enough to fit in back of minivan with seats still up) - stored other luggage inside of stroller
    • 2) Changing configuration is possible but time consuming - takes about 5+ minutes to change from bike to traditional stroller configuration

    iXrover is a high end stroller for families who wish to include a disabled family member in their exercise activities (walking, hiking, biking). We appreciate the ability to include our son and wish we purchased one earlier. Peter was very easy to work with and eager to make me feel comfortable with the transaction despite having to purchase it online. Would not hesitate to purchase again from Peter in future if needed. We plan to keep our collapsible stroller for routine errands but plan to use the iXrover for family bike rides, hikes, and vacations. Sizing - my son is 5'1" and about 115 lbs and we bought a medium which seemed like a good fit. 5 stars for transaction and stability/quality of product but removed 1 star due to challenge in transporting and changing configurations of stroller

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