Spend time with loved ones and actively expand their options and your social life.

  • Versatility

    Amazing for activities: You can go to the city, for a hike, sledging, jogging or cycling with transported person.
  • Quality

    Resistant and durable material: The chassis is all-metal. We use superior aluminium alloys, strength parts and stainless steel.
  • Driving Comfort

    Ergonomic and easy positioning seat: The soft inner liner supports the body and the five-point seat belt ensures safety.
  • Safety

    Maximum level of safety: The welded tubular frame and protective aluminum arches protects transported person even during the fall.

Born to move...

Not everyone has fortune to move without limitations. If you still want to spend time with loved ones and actively expand their options and your social life, we have a modern and unique solutions in the form of innovative stroller iXROVER.

Choose size first

The easiest way to choose according to needs of a transported person.


Variable, ergonomic and comfortable mechanical stroller made from an ultra light alloy.

An anatomic shape and adjustability along with flexible padding provides a comfy seat for riders with varying needs.

Perfect for children, senior citizens and the disabled of all ages.




Our model is certified by the Engineering Test Institute, Public Enterprise (SZU) according to the norms ČSN EN 1888:2012 and ČSN EN 15918:2012. It is homologated with CE mark, in accordance with applicable regulations.

See iXROVER from all sides and go through all the details.

It’s is safe, comfortable and practical!

Models & Accessories

  • Folding handle

    It does not matter how big you are. With our adjustable handle everyone can set the perfect position that fits him/her at any activity with the stroller.

  • Bicycle suspension

    We offer you an unbeatable suspension of the bicycle towing bar. It is made of a high quality stainless steel material enabling the maximum range of the movement. In addition the exercise tests have proven that it is practically indestructible!

  • Water level

    You have no idea why and for what? Yeah, our water level is unique. It is located on the hub of the rear wheel and will make the setting of the position of hubs on wheel at seat adjusting easier. Do you ask why? Because the slant suspension of wheels manifold increases the side stability of the baby coach but at the same time requires a precise wheel alignment and adjustment of the trailer traction. Therefore, we have got a simple system for the inspection and wheel alignment of the rear axle. Simply look and you will be able to set everything perfectly by tightening one lever.

  • Connecting materials

    All connecting materials used on the mediacl stroller are made of high-strength stainless steel. This guarantees the long-term service life of your stroller.

  • Transport/ storage ability

    Once you remove the wheels and compose other elements you can transport your stroller in a car without problems. You will also appreciate its compactness if you live in a small apartment.

  • Frame

    The maximum safety is our mantra. Therefore, the welded tubular chassis of the trailer has got a completely sophisticated shape; it is made of superior alloys and features protective bows and side duplication and – which is the most important thing – it has no plastic connecting elements!

  • Front axle

    The robust design of the front axle with fast-fixative elements and comfortable control brings great comfort when replacing components on the trailer and its modification for various purposes.

  • Reflexive features

    Every driver will be able to see you with iXROVER. You will find safety reflecting things everywhere – on wheels, on the seat and on the chassis so that you don’t have to be afraid of coming home from a tour at dawn or even at night.

  • Individual adjustement

    Unification? Say what? Brake levers for left handed persons or longer handles for really tall persons are as common with us as other individual adjustments you might need.

  • Handling

    The stroller is able to pass a door with the standard width of 80 cm; it fits seamlessly into an elevator and can be simply operated in small premises.

  • Canopy

    Modern. Original. Unique. You already know it. And everyone else will find out when they meet you on your trip.

  • Design features

    You do not have to worry about wasting time with the canopy. You can swiftly take it off and put it on; it has the adjustable joint that allows quick and comfortable setting.

  • Cyclocomputer

    It is actually a multifunctional tachometer. It is located immediately next to the seat so that both you and the transported person can watch such displayed data as speed or distance travelled on a big display.

  • Drum brakes

    Not even one of our iXROVER would do without strong drum brakes. They are operated via the central brake level and have the parking lock feature so that, if you want, the stroller does not move even an inch.

  • Fender

    … do not worry about ending up as bad as a guy in a popular movie by Jan Svěrak ... the mudguard is a part of the cyclo-set as a reliable shield protecting to the transported person against pebbles, impurities and mud flying away from the back wheel of the bicycle.

Our reviews

  • Thank you, everyone, for your tremendous love and support!! Quinn's iXROVER stroller is now fully funded! This is truly a dream come true!! We are forever grateful for your kindness! ------------------------------------ Quinn loves to go to new places and see new things. He especially loves the outdoors. We want to give him the opportunity to go to parks, gardens, zoos, or nature centers to see the animals in the real world that he has learned to love from books. Without a proper stroller solution, however, this has not been possible. Quinn is missing 263 genes. As a result, he was born with several bodily malformations that have needed surgery and have caused him mobility limitations. After his recent successful spinal cord surgery, we are hopeful that Quinn will eventually be able to sit up on his own, but as of now, he cannot sit upright, crawl, or walk. Even when seated in a traditional toddler chair or stroller, his severe scoliosis and low muscle tone cause him to collapse unless he is fully supported with lateral padding and sufficient strapping systems. As you can imagine, this has made it very difficult to travel with Quinn, not only to his frequent doctor appointments but also to any type of family outing that we could hope to have at a park, etc. When we take Quinn out, we often use a baby carrier so that he can be stable and travel most comfortably, but this has become more difficult on his Mama as he has grown and gotten heavier. We have long fantasized about getting Quinn a proper mobility solution but it is difficult with a child-like Quinn to find a stroller that can adequately support his needs. When we discovered The iXROVER stroller, it was a magical moment. It had all the things Quinn needed in a stroller. We were so excited to see that something like it even existed! Unfortunately, the stroller way out of our price range. Like most medical and adaptive equipment, it is much more expensive than the average stroller. Thankfully, Tadpole Adaptive understands and provides an opportunity for others to help families of disabled children by sharing the cost of their adaptive equipment.

    Quinn's iXROVER stroller

  • iXrover is a high end stroller for families who wish to include a disabled family member in their exercise activities (walking, hiking, biking). We appreciate the ability to include our son and wish we purchased one earlier. Peter was very easy to work with and eager to make me feel comfortable with the transaction despite having to purchase it online. Would not hesitate to purchase again from Peter in future if needed. We plan to keep our collapsible stroller for routine errands but plan to use the iXrover for family bike rides, hikes, and vacations. Sizing - my son is 5'1" and about 115 lbs and we bought a medium which seemed like a good fit. 5 stars for transaction and stability/quality of product but removed 1 star due to challenge in transporting and changing configurations of stroller

    Ray J.

  • Sometimes it doesn’t take much and one’s life turns upside down. I had an accident that knocked me out of my ordinary life. Things so obvious in the past turned into a big problem suddenly. Fortunately, my husband discovered iXROVER. I can finally feel the joy of movement once again and enjoy our moments together in the fresh air.

    Hannah R.

  • Though retired, I wanted to stay active and spend actively my leisure time. However, my health condition was against this idea. With the age, every step has become more and more exhausting. Now even walking gives me a hard time. Due to the pain of my joints, I move slower and I have reduced a lot of everyday activities to a minimum. Fortunately, all of that changed when my son came up with the idea of buying iXROVER. With this handy trailer we can go practically anywhere together.

    John S.

  • Ever since our son entered into our lives, many things have changed. We had to drop some of our interests, others retreated into the background. However, we did not want to give up on all of them – as for instance our favorite leisure-time activity - cycling. In spite of the warnings of our friends who were saying that we would not ride after the birth of our baby anywhere for a long time, the opposite was true. Thanks to iXROVER, we can set out for the wilderness all three of us.

    Marcia P.

  • Our family has always been very active. We did not want to compromise our pace nor even after the birth of our daughter. Fortunately, thanks to iXROVER, we didn’t need to. The trailer has absolutely everything we expected.

    Jamie D.

  • Being true nature-lovers, my husband and I decided to move from town to the country a few years ago. We wanted to pass this affection on to our recently born baby. However, classic strollers are not exactly the best for forest and dirt roads with their potholes, bumps, stones, or snow and rain that often represent insurmountable obstacle. Fortunately, however, we learned about iXROVER from our friends.

    Marie A.

The product-specific testimonial can be found on the product’s detail page.